Firstly, I wish to introduce myself and tell you a small story:

Told my way…

I’m Jyri Aringo, pronounced (Uri), yes….. mum and dad were Scandinavians”. Some 38 years ago, I commenced work in 1980 as a stone mason for Ballarat Terrazzo. Joseph, the boss, (a short Italian man), threw me right in amongst it all from day one, mixing raw materials, grinding, polishing. and yes washing up every time and guess what I’m still doing it today. I am the craftsman, the manager, engineer and designer who just like to create fabulous things out of concrete. Fully functional works of art, one off’s every time that will not look like what your friends have.

I offer every facet of Concrete Flooring & Benchtops

My signature Benchtops product is a product that is not perfect in every way. They have subtle irregularities and heaps of character. Great patina and mottely colours, a few pin holes here but not too many, like all concrete has. It has a life of its own as it deserves. Perfect concrete/ Never heard of it nor should it be.

My flooring service covers any style you wish, from just a Fixup thru to All Grind and Seal. Epoxy and Urethanes. Factories, home garages and rumpus rooms. Glitter, Metal flake and paint chip floors.

Give me, Jyri Aringo, a call and lets talk shiraz, coffee and concrete……  and remember: Experience Matters so choose your contractor wisely.

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Jaan Aringo

Jaan Aringo