About Us

I’m Jyri, pronounced (Uri), yes….. mum and dad were Scandinavians”. Some 36 years ago, I commenced work in 1980 as a stone mason for Ballarat Terrazzo. Joseph, the boss, (a short Italian man), threw me right in amongst it all from day one, mixing raw materials, grinding, polishing. and yes washing up every time and guess what I’m still doing it today. I am an artisan who just like to create fabulous things out of concrete. Fully functional works of art, one off’s every time that will not look like what your friends have.
Concrete by aringo is a surfaces that is fast becoming the must have surface and we have the facility to service your demand. With over 200 people viewing our site every day it certainly shows that we have a special product.

Polished concrete in 2019 is going to be a big ticket item

From here I must manage your expectations…. Our polished concrete bench tops, tables and the like are not perfect in every way. They have subtle irregularities and heaps of character. Great patina and mottely colours, a few pin holes here and there like all concrete has. So if this is your dream to have a one…….. a fully functional bespoke surface, a work of art, then please call us and you will not be disappointed.

Give me a call and lets talk shiraz, coffee and concrete……