is our new business name for all supplies and training. It still offers FREE Training for future Australian artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen.

We ¬†do not guess anything here, we have our own Civil Engineer who has vigorously formulated the best manufacturing systems in the world to create our world Class GFRC material etc. and he’s still hard at work creating.

Our FACECote that goes on like butter and never falls, Our Backer is developed to be a Laminated beam like structure with the fibre alignment perfect every time and you can not persuade me or any other engineer otherwise that this is the only and correct way.

Diamond tooling manufactured especially for us to our design and grinders to match. Fibres and everything to make your life easy and professional.

Best of all its in a 20 Kg pre-blended bag. Just add water and fiber and make…. NO additive – its in the bag…….

NO more batching dry ingredients. Just MAKE.

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