GFRC stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

It is a composite material comprised of Portland cement, variable size fine aggregates, alkali resistant glass fibre  and numerous additives such as pozzolans, polymers, shrink reducing admixtures, de-foamers, supper plasticisers, excellerants, Retardants and the list goes on. all to improved performance and of course water.

In many international markets, it is also referred to as FRC / GRC –  Fiber Reinforced Concrete and there is now a SFRC, Steel fiber Reinforced concrete possibly only available from aringo.

The glass or steel fibers reinforce the concrete, such as heavy steel reinforcing does in conventional concrete.

The glass/steel fiber reinforcement results in a product with much higher flexural ( bendable) properties than any normal concrete  allowing its use in thin applications. GFRC is lightweight as it is made thinner, it is extremely durable and exceptionally resistant to moisture. It can be cast into unlimited shapes, colors and textures.

There are two basic processes ways to fabricate GFRC – is to purchase all the loose ingredients independently and formulate a mix design your self which takes a lot of man hours that have to be costed in to the job.            OR
the Premix process, Our 20kg pre-blended bag is complete with all the important ingredients of the highest quality, just add water and fiber. Then cast.   100% Australian owned and made for Australian Artisans.   NO down time applicable and dramatically cheaper.

Products such as Ceasar stone and the like are also Composite materials not dissimilar to GFRC.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete FRC is quickly becoming a market leader in the bench top surface industry and starting to overtake products such as Marble and Granite.

“At aringo polished concrete we are continuously and vigorously testing and developing these materials to create the worlds best product which in-turn will enable the contractor to offer a premium service.”

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