Floor Grinding & polishing

At Aringo Polished Concrete our team has some of the most experienced floor grinding and polishing Tradesmen in the Australia and has collectively polished hundreds of floors for many clients all over Australia.

I personally have nearly 40 years experience in Concrete Slab construction both Waffle Pod and In Ground Raft. Concrete mix design and batching. Concrete Placement both manual and by Pump. Diamond tooling and grinder use. Sealer design and application. I am the owner director of aringo.com.au / manufacturer of Flooring and Benchtops manufacture. GFRCSupplies.com the only 100% manufacturer of Concrete PREmix products and National Training centre.
EPOXY Flooring is our speciality for home garages and Factories

So if you need a highly skilled services you should talk to the us today.

We may not be the cheapest but will give you the best possible outcome.