Aringo Polished Concrete Bench tops

Aringo polished concrete bench tops are made from our own PREMix GFRC or CAST IN SITU products are a work surfaces with spectacular appearance and performance.

We now offer EPOXY Overlay for all older laminex and stone tops. Great option without removing the old surface. Extremely stain and scratch resistant and cost effective that NO other surface can achieve.

We operate with absolute confidence and credibility with nearly 38 years of experience. with over two thousand projects completed to the highest degree.  Together with the services of a great office team and leading the development of materials is IVAN M’ our concrete chemical engineer.

Aringo Polished Concrete is the only true manufacturer of 100% Australian made PREMix products. NOT a USA product distributor. these are also purchased by numerous other artisans to manufacture bench tops.  Now that’s shows confidence, the only Australian materials manufacturers that actually make bench tops.

You will feel that they all have some character. perfect but not so perfect. However If you want absolute perfect then Aringo polished concrete is probably not for you.

We at Aringo polished concrete can accommodate any sink style you desire, and we don’t charge for the cutout……. under or above mount and any hot plate can be accommodated for. why not insert the cutting board or have a drain board cast in. stainless steel trivets, timber inlays, tile and or embossing will set your Island bench apart from the rest.  Why not purchase the 20kg bagged GFRC and make it your self.

Fully water, oil and acid resistant as stated by the manufacturer.

Now… who said it had to be Marble, Granite or Ceasar stone or the like? Aringo product have the same performance factors and a lot more benefits than they can offer. so what else can I say but, dream away… Below is a small selection of my many thousand pictures. All and every photo on my site are of my own creations. Guaranteed.

When on our website, we guarantee that all images viewed are of Aringo Polished Concrete products.